Regulation is not always perceived as the most Interesting topic for debate and discussion. It Is however a key driver or barrier for innovation, good regulation can make or brake innovation and take up, It can also provide competitive advantage, whereas lacking or inappropriate regulation can stifle Innovation, put Europe in a disadvantaged position and force key players to move to other regions.

In particular with current technology developments (such as AI, but certainly not limited to it, many other technologies and domains are equally affected), that prompt real paradigm shifts in the way we accompany them with regulation, the complexity of regulatory frameworks that are needed to create a favourable environment, is increasing significantly. It is seldom about a single topic or regulation, but mostly a series of existing and not yet existing regulations that together determine how successful the innovation or breakthrough technology can  be or become.

Especially within K4I as the platform with the European Parliament (the regulator) and the diversity of stakeholders regulation Is a key topic.

The purpose of the working group is to first Identify key regulatory issues from the stakeholder perspective, that are cross cutting and can be exemplified, and subsequently to formulate recommendations.