Horizon Europe Is to be the largest, most comprehensive and complex  R&I programme of its kind globally. It is also highly Innovative, exploring new Instruments and policies to better address the needs of the stakeholders,  create more (measurable) Impact and better communicate to the citizens and stakeholders at large. It also aims to better coordinate and streamline between different governance levels and stakeholder types.

The concepts and Ideas behind the programme are generally deemed sound, the devil Is however In the Implementation. The Implementation requires commitment and coordination between different silo’s In and outside the Commission, and not In the least across disciplines and sectors.

This working group aims at identifying and prioritising key Implementation aspects from the different stakeholder perspectives, what Is relevant, how to achieve effective collaboration and communication, and not least what can we learn from implementation and  operation of current Instruments and mechanisms, to build upon and ensure continuity.

The second part of the work Is to produce recommendations within these priorities, including performance Indicators, monitoring, stakeholder engagement etc.