The K4I working Groups aim at setting priorities and developing recommendations to support the policy process and especially the MEP´s.

Five key topical areas that form the core focus of Horizon Europe and related R&I activities in the EU have been defined, two of which are purely horizontal.

Digital Transformation

The transformation is essential for Europe to maintain its competitiveness and its position in the world. In some domains Europe leads, in many it lags behind.

Greening the Economy

Greening our society is a key policy issue for several years with a large public and popular interest. It touches many aspects and all industries is complex and requires large investment.

Lab to Market

This topic is of key relevance to our society and economy.

Implementing Horizon

Horizon Europe Is to be the largest, most comprehensive and complex R&I programme of its kind globally.


Regulation is a key driver or barrier for innovation, good regulation can make or brake Innovation and take up.


All background and meeting reports can be found here.


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