The K4I Governing Board meeting showed large agreement on the central role of innovation in the recovery pan of the EU. Not only can innovation push faster and better recovery of the hard companies, but the crisis also offers an opportunity to accelerate the policy agenda’s of the Green Deal and the Digital Transformation.

In the meeting chaired by Ms Maria da Graça CARVALHO several aspects of the recovery plan were discussed. MEP’s Lina GALVEZ MUÑOZ, Marian-Jean MARINESCU, Seán KELLY, Susana SOLÍS PÉREZ, Franc Bogovič, Victor Negrescu and Sirpa Pietikainen all shared their views and concerns on the topic, as did the K4I members. Meetings notes will be published soon.

Several actions were agreed to ensure sufficient budget in Horizon Europe, not shifting towards the recovery plan but rather increasing the budget and earmarking budget for recovery actions, as well as earmarking parts of the additional recovery budget for innovation. Instruments as Public Procurement for Innovation are considered t be driving forces in the process.

A open web meeting will be scheduled around mid May.