Digital sovereignty for the EU was the main topic of debate during the Digital Transformation session at the 11th European Innovation Summit. Hosted by MEP’s Ms Solis and Mr Benifei, the expert panelists discussed the importance of digital sovereignty both form a technical and sectoral perspective. The EU needs to ensure independence of other regions and countries when it comes to technologies that are critical for economic, social, societal and ethical developments, in other words to protect the European values and allow Europe to make the choices it wants.

The EU needs leadership in some, but not all of these areas. It needs to have the abiliity to keep and control the key technologies without protectionist measures and approaches.

The results and slides will be published on the Knowledge4Innovation website.

Many thanks to Jean-Luc Beylat, Gabriel Crean, Michael Haschke, Holger Hoos , Christophe Leclercq, Yannick Legré, Theodorus Karapiperis and Jean-Philippe Nomine for your excellent contributions.

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